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Interlace and Figures in the Book of Kells

A detail of the Chi Rho illumination in a manuscript of the Gospels. Figures and creatures of the Zoomorphic style densely twisted and interlaced inside of the ‘X’.

Black ink, colored pigment, and gold leaf on vellum.

Made in the late 8th century at Iona Abbey in Ireland by Celtic monks. The Book of Kells (as it is known) is perhaps the most famous work of Christian Celtic, Insular, and Early Irish art. Moved to the Abbey of Kells in the 10th century and sent to Dublin during Cromwell’s invasion in the 17th century. Currently on display at Trinity College in Dublin.

Celtic Knot (by ART NAHPRO)


You cannot possibly fathom the immense amount of respect I now have for the monks who spent decades of their lives slaving over this manuscript.


A page from the Book of Kells.

The Secret of Kells

(Source: mootiness)