Install Theme

Juleah Kaliski


Some foot studies.

I think the hardest part is not making the toes look all weird.


Beautiful Celtic knot flooring design by Alan Harp


Wood work by Ariele Alasko

The Street Photographer: Sarrah Kaliski.



"The Street Photographer" was sent to us by Sarrah Kaliski: a writer, artist, photographer, and film maker. What I enjoy about this photo, besides that it actually looks like a Norman Rockwell painting, is that it takes an almost objective look at a controversial technology. For example, as…

Congrats sarrahkaliski love this photo.


Lunch and these cheeky little dudes. (at Furry Little Peach HQ)

Nature is inspiring.

I drew on some stones with some wax crayons then let them sit in the sun for a few days and the oil soaked into the stones and stained them. #art #create. (Taken with Instagram)

Drawing with some of my favorite pens. #drawing #art #create #ink (Taken with Instagram)

A Whale-Bus

A #rainbow of #color. #pens #ink #art (Taken with Instagram)