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Juleah Kaliski


The stacks.

(Source: insterstella, via parchmentsandquills)


More letter-writing. A little bit of sable ink, and from filmy feathers and pointed nibs flow words that can create worlds, onto paper that proves to felled trees that there is indeed life after death. A fold, a flame, a drop of sticky wax, and an envelope sealed with the kiss of a personal crest. And  in no time at all, the missive is winging its way to who knows where…

A work in progress. Celtic knots coming to life. (By Juleah Juleah Kaliski)

Letter with Seal (by Juleah kaliski)


Here is a work-in-progress.

I am working on some sketches of some girls with really long hair with a tint of medieval style to them.

Pages in my sketchbook waiting to be filled. #draw #paper #book (Taken with Instagram)